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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. a family greaves, a young mother hit and killed while pushing her baby across a busy
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street. >> what witnesses say may have saved her baby's life. a baltimore county mother and her baby were returning home from an errand when they ended up empty path of a pickup truck. tonight the mother is dead but her baby doesn't seen have a scratch. >> reporter: 17-year-old many moreno died while trying to cross this busy stretch of road with her son dare lynn, she pushed his stroller out of the way saving his life. >> she left to the wal-mart store to buy something, you know, and she not come back. >> reporter: eye witnesses describe the gruesome scene as she was headed to a bus stop and a ford f250 pickup hit her. >> the guy slammed on his brakes but slammed on it too late. and the lady had the stroller
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and pushed the stroller out of the way. she got hit and ran underneath the truck. the driver of the truck has not been charged. >> we stopped by mr. cataldoy's home, a relative says he's at work and she hasn't spoken to him about what happened. >> said he did get out to help mold an add oh and her son. >> not sure what may have happened to cause him to strike this woman. >> that was the third accident in two weeks. >> and while there is heart break in her tight knit community her family is giving thanks that dare lynn survived. many believe that intersection is dangerous and are calling on authorities to do something about it. they say there have been far
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too many accidents. the investigation on this latest one is ongoing at this hour. now the victim died a short time after being taken to trauma. doctors examined her son, he had no injuries. the mystery is growing tonight describing a boat. got a distress call saying he was somewhere on middle river. tonight obtained that call for help and we're hearing it for the first time. >> i'm in middle river, i've got three kids on board, i'm 45 and the boat is taking on water. i've got three life jackets, the boys have got them on, i'm sitting here, trying to get the motor running. i'm taking on water. >> the guard and baltimore county police launched an all
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out search for the 28-foot sea ray. tonight there is still no sign of the boat. a new round of powerful storms rocked maryland tonight. blocked drains. slowing drivers' commutes. the wind caused a massive oak tree to snap in pieces. outages were reported throughout the neighborhood. and the storms did prompt a tornado warning in maryland tonight. bob. >> reporter: we still have some thunderstorms in the region, in fact in southern maryland, around the baltimore metro area some light shower activity moving through the region. let's take a look back at about 5:30, 6:00 and keep your eyes toward southern maryland. there you see it. and that's what prompted the
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tornado warning across portions of charles and st. mary's -- there was a funnel cloud, a water spout reported over the potomac. it did weaken as it reached some cooler temperatures. but right now there are some pretty strong showers. lighter rain and maybe some embedded thunder. what will it be like for your drive in the morning? he we'll be back. powerful tornadoes ripped through mississippi, louisiana and arkansas. in some cases winds reached 160 miles per hour. >> back here in baltimore there's a search for two more suspects police believe were involved in a home in vacation. here is -- invasion. the name of the other suspect has not been released yet.
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the four kicked in the door of the burke avenue house and stole several laptops and video game systems. police in baltimore city are investigating another home invasion. after her brand new show dog puppy was snatched from her home. police arrested a suspect, but the dog is still missing, derek. >> reporter: that suspect tells police he doesn't know where the dog is. and the owner is hoping someone will help her find her friend. >> reporter: his owner kathryn hasn't stopped crying. >> kenny can't sleep. >> reporter: was an american bully, a relatively newer breed. puppies can cost thousands and kathryn says she paid 4000 for hers. >> he's not just a dog. that was my baby.
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>> reporter: well, kathryn was gone from her home last thursday a witness say she saw a man open the door and grab the dog. took pictures of that car. but he says he doesn't know where the dog is. the american kennel club warns dog thefts are on the rise, though it's difficult to find out why it happens, stolen dogs are often resold. >> what if he was sold and used for dog fighting. >> oh, don't tell me that, please don't tell me that. that's the worst the fear that any one of us can have, i'll be devastated. i'll be devastated. i'll probably wind up in the psych ward. >> reporter: advised chipping your pet and quickly spreading
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the word if it goes missing. >> a thief may back down if he knows your looking. that's why you want to keep on the look out. >> that's what kathryn is doing, hoping someone has seen the puppy whose name is tattooed on her arm. >> i don't care if i had him for 20 seconds a part of me is gone. >> reporter: kathryn was hoping to enter her puppy in a dog show this upcoming weekend, for now she just hopes she gets him back safely. >> thank you, derrek, now the owner is offering a reward for the safe return of the dog. in just a few hours the bell will ring in a governor o'malley will announce his reelection campaign in the morning. he's calling the move forward tour. and then over the next two
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days, move through ten other communities. o'malley defeated gur lick in 2006. if your day is winding down right about now, imagine taking a college course in an hour. the midnight to 3:00 a.m. class is happening at some classes across the country. live in baltimore city, kelly mcpherson why the new time is being offered. >> reporter: denise, this new trend is coming to maryland for the first time this fall to accommodate a new interest in community colleges. colleges the norm at a community college is changing drastically. >> we'll have everything that you would have in a normal psychology class but also with the added twist. the added twist is, you know, we offer this at night and we
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offer this at midnight. >> reporter: for the first time students will be learning from midnight to 3:00 a.m. >> i have two kids under the age of 3 so i can't stay up that late. >> i would definitely take a class if 12:00 to 3:00 if it would accommodate my schedule. >> i don't know if i could stay up that late, so i don't know, probably not but i think definitely if i worked all day and i had no other way, i would do it. >> enrolling at community colleges across the country has gone up. here it has increased 17% since last year, many say it's because of the economy. classes are cheaper here than at a university and some people need to learn new skills for new jobs. >> i think this is one of those unique kinds of things, people that work shifts that don't allow them to come in at a
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regular hour. >> reporter: the midnight madness class starts in the fall, no one has signed up yet. for now this campus is only offering the one midnight madness class in the department of psychology but in other campuses if this is successful they have often added courses in other departments so that could very lickly happen -- likely happen here, too. well the professors better offer caffeinated beverages, i'll tell you that. talk about inspiration today. an 84 baltimore man is honored today for reaching his goal of running 50,000 miles. you heard right, 80 years old. he started running at the age of 45 and never stopped. the secrets to his success he says is the past a that his wife makes him before every
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race. >> i can't get to 50,000 so i might as well not try it. speaking of food americans love affair with salt. companies are vowing to cut the amount of salt. the body of a woman who disappeared nearly 23 years ago is. a fire truck loaded with children at a birthday party ends up running down this hill and smashing into this tree. why there is a police investigation. sunshine headed back to our region, the first alert forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 55 freeze and cloudy with some -- in central maryland, an international tug of war over panama's former dictate or manuel -- nor age a is expected to serve time for a money laundering conviction. also charged him with racketeering charges. nor yag a appealed to the. a texas woman relocates to new york and disappears, but investigators say they are body
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has been found. a group of atv riders stormed riders stumbled upon the body. investigators say garza left a night club with michael melee a convicted sex offender. investigators hope to build a case against him. ben roth less roethlisberger says he will not appeal the six game suspension handed down by the nfl. a 20-year-old college student accused him of sexual assault. a district attorney refused to file charges but the nfl says he violated the -- policy. return to action until at least october 17th. a child's birthday party turns into a near tragedy. now police are investigating
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what went wrong. >> reporter: fire company's engine 201 was parked loaded with 8 children when it suddenly went rolling down a hill smashing into a free. >> luckily it was a black walnut. one of the fathers leaped in the back and grabbed the wheel. >> none of the children were hurt but it was a pretty close call. >> there was a pick truck over here and, you know, it could have been very serious because the children were, most of them were standing in the truck, not belted down or anything. >> the fire truck was in the pasadena -- aimed at increasing fire safety. >> they had some children climbing in the engine, which apparently. >> kind of like a show and tell. >> yeah. >> reporter: chief thompson says they are not sure why the
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truck went out of control. >> they are still actively investigating how the brake released. >> reporter: and for the children a birthday party they will never forget. >> you were willing to sacrifice your tree for the safety of everybody. >> thank goodness, all these little children, i don't care, trees can be replanted. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries trying to stop the truck. in the war between taste buds and health, 16 companies are coming down on the side of health. even starbucks will cut the amount of salt in bacon, rice and dozens of other projects. salt is a major cause of high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. michael or is already a
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football star. rise from poverty to the nfl. gotham books announced i beat the odds will be published in february of next year. >> that will be interesting. all right, bob, what's going on. some crazy weather around the region, we did have a tornado warning earlier. they even had a water spout reported over the potomac river. a batch of activity down through la platea. around the baltimore region, some later showers but still a rumble of thunder possible over the next hour or two. we're not quite done with this system yet. probably be a wet overnight for most of us. take a look at temperatures around the region. we do have some fog.
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29.26 inches, it's holding steady. you might feel some relief as the weather will begin to change. 58 down in packs river. 55 here and chilly 52 in elkin. still some shower activity. very very light starting to turn to the north, northwest. tomorrow as the low pressure gives us rain tonight, our winds will go back to the north, northwest. low pressure been sitting over west virginia this afternoon. moving across the region tonight. slowly taking the clouds. behind it some dry air. in the morning possibly some left over showers, and then by
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afternoon i do expect to see the sunshine coming back out. it's going to be a little breezy tomorrow because of a low pressure moving off shore and that combined with an area of high pressure. it will be alt a little bit on the chilly side. eventually mild air coming in here, that will be on thursday and friday, some nicer conditions by the end of the week. as it ends up a gust maybe as high as 20. still some left over showers. some areas drizzle and some fog. 50 degrees by morning, 63 morning shower and then some breezy skies in the afternoon. 63 on wednesday. 39 tomorrow night. 40 wednesday night. close to 70, 80, sunshine for the ends of the week. summer returns this weekend. thank you, bob. coming up the yankees are coming to town.
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well, out almost may, which means about 3 months more for baseball month. if the orioles can turn the tables. the os have their eyes on a minor league team. he helped out immediately, had 4 hits in his first big league game. with the yankees in town the next move will be to bring up a minor league pitcher. will get the call from norfolks early this month. simon has earned the promotion pitching to a -- the os bullpen has struggled,. the birds 3 and 16 record the worst in the major.
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the world champion yankees headed down to a visit with president obama. manager presented the pes with a -- president with a signed yankees jersey. this is a familiar trip, they have won five world series earning five white house visits. os and yankees tomorrow. from the president to a king's ransom, fell's first baseman gets a new contract, five years, $125 million. he's a two time all-star, one time most valuable player. his annual salary of $25 million makes ryan howard the second highest paid in the game. alex rodriguez is steel number one. -- still number one. let go by the new england patriots, he was let go three years after he cashed in on a
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multimillion dollar deal. the patriots drafted two lines backers this weekend. thomas' agent says he has already received interest from several teams that want to talk about signing him to a contract. canadians with a glove save and a shot, another look at the shot and the save. a lock made 53 saves. the caps just manage one goal, that wouldn't cut it. meanwhile washington fled four by him. 4-1 final. series tied three games each. desice i have game -- decisive game ,,,,,, [upbeat whistling]
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[upbeat whistling continues]
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